Here’s everything LG announced at CES
Here’s everything LG announced at CES

Here’s everything LG announced at CES

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AI was the star of LG’s press conference at CES on Monday.

, , smart and . 

The company made it clear that one of its goals is to make your home appliances and smarter, though there were some . Here’s what the electronics giant unveiled: 

  • AI took center stage. LG unveiled its ThinQ platform and said it wants to integrate artificial intelligence into everyday products. The company also said it’s embracing an open partnership model and working with and Amazon on AI.
  • LG’s family of smart appliances is looking to get even smarter with more AI integration. The , for example, uses AI to interact with other ThinQ-branded appliances, such as an oven or dishwasher. The InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator also provides access to Alexa.

  • As for other appliances, LG’s determines an ideal wash setting by considering changes in weather, air quality and your own preferences. Its smart air conditioner understands your cooling preferences and patterns and will adjust the temperature automatically.

  • AI integration into means you can control the TV with your voice. You can ask it to play your favorite show, search for a movie soundtrack or check information about a cast or director. Integration of Google Assistant also means you can do things like check the weather, plan a vacation or use instant translation from your TV. Additionally, you can connect and control all your devices using Google Assistant. The OLED TVs feature an Alpha 9 processor, providing improved image processing. They also come with 4K cinema HDR, and all include Dolby Atmos sound. There will be five series: the W8, G8, E8, C8 and B8, with screen sizes ranging from 55 to 77 inches.

  • For its lineup, LG announced “nano cell” display, which is supposed to maintain richer, more accurate colors from wider viewing angles. Like the OLED TVs, Super UHD TVs will also feature a new processor, and will include 4K cinema HDR, Dolby Atmos sound and gallery mode.

  • LG also showed three concept robots. A serving robot is designed to serve meals to hotel guests or people waiting in an airport lounge. A porter robot carries luggage and offers express check-in and checkout services. Lastly, a shopping cart robot lets guests scan, the . It’s compatible with Dolby Atmos and w88 link mới nhất has built in for multiroom music and control with the Assistant. The sound bar includes a wireless subwoofer with 550W of total power. A pair of up-firing speakers allows the sound bar to bounce sound off the ceiling to simulate overhead sounds. The LG SK10Y will also be at .